Monday, August 31, 2009

Front Door, Changing of the Seasons

The day that we took possesion of our house was a cold January day, and it was around 5pm at night. After getting the keys, I insisted to Aubrey that we stop by the flower market by our apartment and pick up a Holiday wreath. It was the first thing we bought, and it was I guess in retrospect, my little way of making the house ours. It was the first touch that we added. And that little wreath stayed up until the Spring.

house 08
(February 2008, Our old door, and first wreath)

The front pots/wreaths for the front of our house is something I always looked forward to when we were planning for a house. That's what homeowners got to do - they got to do those awesome front planters. ;)

With the chillyness in the air I decided to remove the ferns that have been there all summer (which I forgot to water unfortunately, which is why they look so sad) and replace them with these fushia mums. The changing of the front porch decoration is something I always look forward to.

Although they aren't as fancy as the professionally done ones that I see (and love), it's a simple little change that I adore at the start of the season. '



Linda Snider said...

Hi Aubrey & Lindsay! Thanks for letting us know you are getting emails asking where your doors came from. That's our classic halfmoon style, we call it the 2744 :) You've done a beautiful job with it! Looks great :)

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